6 of the Big Housing Market Trends for Real Estate Investors


Since the commencement of the COVID pandemic, the real estate market has been nothing short of a roller coaster for both buyers and sellers.

Record price increases, ultra-low mortgage rates, and fierce buyer competition have prevailed in the housing market over the last two years.

Keep an eye out for these vital trends if you plan to purchase or sell a house this year.

Housing Market Trends

1) House Hunting Goes Digital

Because of virtual capabilities, many people could take a virtual tour of the property, and make buying decisions without even setting foot in the property beforehand.

2) Relocation from Cities to Suburbs

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven suburban migration from large cities. For the next 3-5 years, the trend of people opting not to live in big cities may continue.

3) Overwhelming Demand for Single-Family Housing

Millennials’ eagerness to buy their first home or start a family has fueled suburban development.

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