The Future is Devastated for These 13 Career

The world of work is changing. Covid has had a profound impact of how we work and technology is increasingly automating  what we do.


With artificial intelligence continuing to make progress, jobs can become redundant, whether in a skilled or unskilled trade or even a profession requiring years of education.


The following jobs may still be recruited, but many of these traditional professions may disappear sooner than people think.


The Future is Devastated for These

13 Careers

Financial Analysts

Artificial intelligence will eventually guide businesses to make major financial decisions without the need for people to spend countless hours modeling data in excel spreadsheets.

Administrative and Executive Secretaries

They can dictate their memos with voice recognition software that types it out for them, leaving little for administrative staff to do.

Insurance Underwriters and Claims Representatives

This job will fall victim to artificial intelligence as software can analyze and interpret all the data.

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