The Complete Guide to Living Like No One Else by Dave Ramsey


If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey, you may not find it surprising that he’s been in the headlines more than usual in the last few years.

However, if you have no idea who he is and wonder why people seem annoyed when his name comes up, this Dave Ramsey for Dummies guide will tell you everything you need to know.


How did Dave Ramsey become one of the country’s leading financial experts? Why does he have so many die-hard fans? And, more importantly, should you heed his money advice or ignore it?

Who is Dave Ramsey?

As the CEO of Ramsey Solutions, Ramsey’s extensive resume includes: - A chart-topping radio show - Thriving YouTube channels - Multiple best-selling books

The Birth of an Empire

His fellow parishioners began approaching him for money tips sparking a new business idea for Ramsey.

Financial Peace With the Prince of Peace

Financial Peace University is a 9-week deep dive into Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps and parallels his bestselling book, “The Complete Guide to Money.”

The Dave Ramsey Show

A promotional interview unintentionally led to Ramsey and a friend taking over a local radio show where he shared financial advice and peddled his new book on the air.

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