Your Three Most Important Questions To Ask The Interviewer


Nailing the job interview requires preparation and the right interview technique. Aligned to both involves asking the right questions to ask the interviewer.

Without a doubt, a strong interview technique is an essential part of our job or career change. This is true whether you’re looking for seasonal work or a big step up in your career.


Unless you’ve prepared well you’re handicapping yourself unnecessarily. This means doing your research and preparing strong questions to ask the interviewer.

Important Questions to Ask The Interviewer

Preparation is the Secret Sauce

During your preparations consider the following 3 questions. You should prioritize asking these questions above others.

Question 1

“Can you tell me a little about the team I’ll be joining, such as how many people and what level of experience they have?”

The shift you need to do in your head is to treat the interview as a two-way conversation. You should be working out whether the position is right for you as much as you’re right for them.

Question 2

“What skills do you require for this position?”

Just because you’ve seen the job advertisement and seen the list of skills and experience required, you should avoid *thinking* you know exactly what the employer wants.

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