5 Dividend Aristocrats That Might be a Great Addition to Your Portfolio


Consistent dividend paying companies, known as Dividend Aristocrats, are relatively uncommon and typically have stable businesses.

They often produce recession-proof goods, enabling them to continue making profits and paying dividends even when other companies struggle.


They’ve proven themselves to pay dividend irrespective of market conditions, even during bearish markets.

What are Dividend Aristocrats?

Dividend Aristocrats are firms with a track record of increasing shareholder payouts for at least 25 consecutive years. They should be distinguished from Dividend Kings which have a 50 year track record.

Most Aristocrats are large-cap blue-chip companies with long histories of profitability and growth, consistent earnings, and strong balance sheets. 

Top 5 Dividend Aristocrats

1) McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD)

The traditional American burger establishment has effectively managed to weather the pandemic and the global movement toward healthier dining options.

2) Johnson and Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)

 Johnson & Johnson is well-diversified across three sectors, and none of them—pharma, medical technology, and consumer staples—perform particularly poorly under any given set of circumstances.

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