13 Key Signs of a Housing Market Crash

Whether you’re a homeowner or a buyer, the prospect of a housing market collapse is scary. The last thing you want is to own a massive, inflated asset while the economy is collapsing.

So, how can you know whether the property market is on the verge of collapsing? While there are some major trends in the housing market, here are seven signs the market is turning south.

1) After an Extended Period of Acceleration, Home Prices are Plateauing

If one of the trends in the housing market is year on year, consistent real estate price increases, it indicates the possibility of an impending housing market crash or at a minimum, a more benign correction.

2) Numerous Risky Mortgages Available

When we start to see lower mortgages expanding in the market, it’s another warning that a housing market crash is on the way.

3) Cautious Real Estate Agents And Builders

Few people are better equipped to foresee future housing problems than real estate agents, who have years of experience in the local market. However, as a prospective buyer, you should pay attention to any warnings or negative feelings they express.