SpaceX Stock: 7 Things You Should Know

News that Elon Musk’s SpaceX raised $850 million in funding, increasing its valuation to $74 billion put SpaceX stock on many investors’ wishlist.

However, while the stock isn’t available to private investors, we’ll look at key reasons why it should still be on your radar.

Make sure you know these seven things before you go any further!

7 Things You Should Know About SpaceX Stock

1) SpaceX is Aiming for Mars

The company aims to make space transportation more feasible and sustainable. The final frontier? Oh, just to colonize Mars — no big deal.

2) SpaceX Has Partnered with NASA

The two organizations have actually been working together, and in May 2020, they launched the first human flight in spacecraft made by a private company ever.

3) SpaceX is More Efficient Than NASA

it manufactures almost everything in-house instead of having to pay over the odds for another company to handle those processes.