The Future is Bleak for These 13 Professions


As the economy continues to soar following the COVID pandemic, surging inflation and mounting costs are becoming the new normal across every employment sector.


With artificial intelligence continuing to make progress, jobs can become redundant, whether in a skilled or unskilled trade or even a profession requiring years of education.


The following jobs may still be recruited, but many of these traditional professions may disappear sooner than people think.

Financial Analysts

Now there is financial software available that can read and analyze data the same way humans can and often in just a matter of seconds and minutes.

Administrative and Executive Secretaries

Why is this job diminishing so quickly? Technology has played a large part because it has allowed the bosses to do more work themselves.

Insurance Underwriters and Claims Representatives

The software can also work much faster than a human.


With technology like ridesharing apps that companies like Uber and Lyft are using, the need for a dispatcher to be the middleman will no longer be necessary.


As technology becomes more sophisticated, small business owners will be happy to save money by managing their finances independently.

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