Post-Graduation Pay: Are Millennials Expecting Too Much?


Today’s college graduates expect to receive a starting salary at their first job that’s nearly double the actual average entry-level salary.

Those are some of the takeaways from a recent survey conducted by Real Estate Witch, which gathered responses from 1,000 undergraduates pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

The survey found that nearly half of respondents believe college isn’t worth the cost. And if given a chance for a do-over, 40% of them would make different choices about what or where they studied.

A Strong Job Market May Skew Expectations

Department of Labor data shows job openings are historically high as the nation continues to feel the effects of the Great Resignation.

A Hot Job Market Has Overheated Expectations

The problem is that optimism doesn’t quite match reality, leading undergraduates to expect entry-level salaries that simply aren’t there. 

Unrealistic Expectations Varied Wildly by Major, Not by Gender

Although most students believe there is a gender-based disparity in salaries, both men and women have similar salary expectations.

Not all Graduates Expect to Thrive

Although many students have outsized expectations for their post-graduation careers, some have a more sober outlook.

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