Top Places to Consider if You Want to Invest in Vacation Rentals

Reports show that supply is continuing to grow to the demand, there is still plenty of room for more investors to move into the short-term rental space, especially if they take a creative approach to their property.

However, these short-term rentals are very different from long-term rentals like apartments or single-family homes.

No matter what kind of investment a person chooses, they must always run the numbers.

Not every property is a good deal. So, do your market analysis and spend responsibly.

Invest in Vacation Rentals

Castroville, CA Castroville is a small agricultural town located a few miles west of Monterey Bay in southern California.

 Lutsen, MN Lutsen is located just off Lake Superior and is a popular skiing destination. Tourists can also visit the Cascade River State Park on the north tip of Lake Superior.

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