Vegan Restaurants: 8 Most Sought After In Hawaii

Are you vegan, visiting Hawaii, or moving to the iconic islands? You will love the variety of vegan food here.

The islands have access to fresh supplies of plant-based foods all year round, and some restaurants serve lip-smacking vegan dishes.

The following Hawaiian vegan restaurants will delight you during your stay in the magical islands.

Must-visit Vegan Restaurants in Hawaii

1. Leahi Health Leahi Health is a plant-based food lover's paradise famous for its Buddha bowls, kale avocado tacos, smoothies, and drinks.

As a restaurant that prioritizes healthy eating, most foods on its menu are organic and locally sourced from Hawaii farms. The vegan lineups include smoothies, drinks, and healthy grinds, like breakfast tacos and beer poke salad.

2. Veg-Out When you're ready to go out and have a sumptuous vegan meal, Veg-Out is the place to be. This restaurant sells vegan and vegetarian meals in Haiku, Maui, on the North Shore.

So if you're vacationing in the area, you don't have to look too far for a place that serves food you enjoy. You can dine in, take the food away on your Hana road trip, or eat while visiting some iconic places in Maui, like the Haleakala National Park.

3. Maui Kombucha Maui Kombucha is another top-notch vegan restaurant located in Haiku, Maui. Here you will find raw vegan fusion cuisine and a kombucha brewery.

It's a great spot to hang out with friends and family as you enjoy their fresh local green salads, amazing raw pizzas, and vegan nachos. Don't be surprised to find legumes such as beans, nuts, seeds, or fruits and veggies you've never tasted.

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