4 Actionable Steps to Lower Your Interest Rates Right Now

Credit cards and loans can be important assets in our lives – they help us get an education or build trust with banks for larger purchases like homes.


But high-interest rates can mean danger. If you can’t keep up with payments, the mounting debt can feel suffocating.


Actionable Steps to Lower Your

Interest Rates

1) Call Your Lender

Yes, it’s that simple! You can negotiate a lower rate by calling your credit card company or loan lender. With this method, most people who try are successful.

2) Negotiate

You’re asking your lender for a favor, and no one wants to help someone who is rude or demanding. Be kind and remember the person on the other line is just doing their job.

3) Transfer Your Balance

A balance transfer card lets you consolidate your credit card debt. This is better if you’re accruing interest on multiple cards since you can put it all on one account.

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