Job Search Red Flags That Tell You to Think Twice 

By now, you’ve probably heard of job search red flags. The deal-breaking parts of a job offer or interview that make you immediately turn down the offer or withdraw from the application process.

But what about the gray areas of the job search: things that make the alarm bells go off in your head, but a little quieter?

These are your job search “yellow flags”: things that should give you pause in the job search but aren’t cause to run away just yet.

Job Search Yellow Flags You Should Consider Again

1. Negative Company Reviews

If there’s a negative review about poor work-life balance, you can ask the hiring manager about work-life balance policies and boundaries set in place at the company.

2. You Don’t Have all the Answers You Need (Yet).

If everyone is hesitant or unwilling to answer your questions, it might be a sign that they don’t think you’ll like the answer.

3. You Didn’t Click with the Hiring Manager

If your interview wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, but you’ve received an offer, think twice about discomfort.