Is Real Estate Investment Trusts A Good Career Path? Answered


Anyone who works in the financial sector may have read about Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Income-producing real estate is a rising element of the American financial industry.

REITs were established by Congress in 1960 to provide equal access to opportunities for investment in the real estate sector.

REITs had a market value of $1.25 trillion in the United States by 2020, providing considerable employment opportunities. As an expanding sector, REITs are capable of offering rewarding career paths.

REITs are Capable of Providing a Rewarding Career Path

REITs are investment vehicles that own a variety of income-producing real estate assets – one can work as an employee or as an agent.

4 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in REITs

1) REITs Make Long-Term Investments In Real Estate

If REITs allow investors to directly invest in commercial properties, they should be able to buy, own, and sell commercial assets themselves.

Asset-backed (equity) REITs

Property management is either outsourced or handled in-house by these organizations. They also pay out at least 100% of dividends to shareholders.

Investments in mortgage REITs

These entities handle and purchase Commercial properties’ mortgages. As a result, this REIT will transfer 90% of its profits to its stockholders.

Hybrid REITs

These REITs can manage and pay for the administration of real estate assets with the help of their preferred equity and debt.

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