How to Use Real Estate to Hedge Against Inflation


The federal government has committed roughly $13 trillion ($13,000,000,000,000) on pandemic-related spending since early 2020.

Some money spent by Congress will have to be borrowed, but the Federal Reserve will ease create some by simply lending the government money out of thin air.


So what’s an investor to do to prevent their greenbacks from losing all their value?

A (Quick) Overview of Inflation

Around 30 years ago, in 1991, one dollar was worth more than twice today’s dollar. 

Real Estate as a Hedge Against Inflation

Real estate values and rents not only tend to keep pace with inflation but drive inflation itself. 

Regardless of the currency, people need and want it and adjust their offers to buy or rent it as is necessary to secure it.

Rental Properties’ Protection from Inflation

Every year, the dollar loses a little value. And every year, landlords raise rents (or at least they should) to keep pace with or surpass inflation.

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