Too Much Doomscrolling?  How to Stay Informed While Keeping Sane


Can bad news give you a hangover? Fasten your seatbelts because the doom isn’t going anywhere.

Doomscrolling – the addictive trait of engaging too long and too often with bad or unsettling news – has been a regular part of life for some since the onset of the pandemic two years ago.


It’s such a popular term, the Oxford English Dictionary named it a 2020 word of the year.

Scroll Away; Scroll Away!

While some admit it’s a bad habit, and seek balance, its effects can be debilitating for many others. Doomscrolling promotes stress, anxiety, and depression.

Doomscrolling is a product of our technological achievements, a side-effect of progress. Moderation is key.

Advice to decrease Doomscrolling is plentiful: practice mindfulness training, get involved with a charity, perform acts of kindness, or set a timer.

Curbing Addictive Behavior

It’s not leaving dishes in the sink or biting your fingernails: Doomscrolling more closely resembles alcohol, drug, and gambling addictions.

Doomscrolling does not exist by itself. The action may be excessive exposure to negative news, but our empathy as humans triggers the often detrimental feelings we experience.

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