4 Things You Must do to Pass Your Next Behavioral Job Interview


You saw a job posting, sent in your resume, and waited. Then came the news, you were picked – and they want to have you come in for an interview – a behavioral interview.

Getting yourself mentally ready for a behavioral interview can be overwhelming. If you don’t know what questions the interviewer will ask, how can you ever feel confident that you are ready?

The answer to this question is preparation. Actually, over preparation.

What is a Behavioral Job Interview?

Behavioral interviews provide insight into how a candidate has previously behaved in a particular situation.

Preparing for a Behavioral Interview

Step 1: Gather Your Stories

The key to mastering the behavioral interview is, in a word, stories. Well-organized and compelling stories are the key to nailing your behavioral interview.

Step 2: Write Out Your Stories

Once you narrow your list of stories, it’s time to start writing them out in detail.

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