How Cashback Monitor Can Help You Maximize Shopping Points and Save Money

Do you want to travel more and need more points to do so (but don’t want to spend more money to get those points)? Fear not, there is a solution – shopping portals.


Shopping portals come in all shapes and sizes. Credit card companies have shopping portals for users to gain tons of points.


Let’s explore using Cashback Monitor and maximize our shopping points’ potential!


What is a Shopping Portal?

A shopping portal is simply a website that displays e-commerce deals connected with a rewards program. If you go through the portal, you can earn more rewards.

What is Cashback Monitor?

Cashback Monitor is a tool that tracks over 40 plus different shopping portals to help you find the best rates for your spending.

How Does Cashback Monitor


Best Current Rate

Searching for the best rate is easy by putting in the store and whichever one is the highest you can go with it.

Assign Cash Values For Points

By assigning cash values to these points and miles, you can maximize the value you receive for purchasing items through one shopping portal over another.

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