7 Things You Should Know About the STAR Method


Interviews come naturally to some people who can string together the perfect answers right off the cuff and build rapport with any interviewer.

But if you’re a mere mortal, don’t despair — you may be able to reverse-engineer your path to interview success by following the STAR method.


Whether you’re entirely new to the framework or an old-timer, here are seven things you must know about the STAR method to take your interviewing skills to the next level.

What is the STAR Method?

STAR is an acronym that outlines the template you should follow when answering behavioral questions in an interview. 

7 Things to Know About the STAR Method

Here are seven things that many job candidates miss when trying to use STAR.

You Don’t Need to Use it to Answer Every Question

The STAR method is crucial, but that doesn’t mean you must apply it whenever the interviewer asks a question. 

You May be Able to Predict the Questions Ahead of Time

Every candidate has the same worries before an interview: What questions will the interviewer ask? 

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