6 High Dividend Stocks and a Dividend King That Should be on Your Watchlist

Stocks that pay dividends give investors a regular share of the company’s profits.

Most American dividend stocks pay investors a fixed sum every three months, and the best ones enhance their payouts over time so that investors can build a steady stream of cash similar to an annuity.

Best Dividend Stocks and a Dividend King

That’s one reason we put them on our list of low-risk investments. Stocks that pay dividends can be good for investors who want a steady income even during bear markets.

Lumen Technologies serves individuals and organizations worldwide as a global technology and communications company.

Lumen Technologies Inc. (NYSE: LUMN)


Network assets, security solutions, cloud connectivity, collaboration, and voice tools are part of an integrated platform that makes it easier for companies to use their data and implement cutting-edge technology.

American Express (NYSE: AXP)


Investors can also find top dividend stocks in consumer and business lending, and American Express is one of the best in this category.

Despite not being a Dividend Aristocrat, AmEx has a long history of increasing or maintaining its dividend in any economic climate.

Dividend investors should commend AmEx for maintaining high-quality lending standards and focusing on higher-income consumers who are less likely to default on their borrowings.

New Residential Investment Corp. (NRZ)

The New Residential Investment (NRI) (REIT) is a mortgage real estate investment trust. 


The industries of mortgage and financial services benefit from their capital and expertise.

The company invests in long-term cash flow-generating assets. Mortgage servicing assets, residential mortgages, non-agency securities, and other related investments are part of its investment portfolio.

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