Going it Alone: How to Sell a House by Owner


Many homeowner are looking to sell their homes into this strength however, increased costs, driven by inflation is causing many home sellers to bypass real estate agents.

Citing a dual desire to maintain control over the process and save money, more and more younger people are opting to upgrade their living situation, taking advantage of For Sale by Owner (FSBO).


Here’s what to know when selling a house by owner.

Should You Sell Your Home Yourself?

Before deciding to sell your home without a real estate agent, there are four considerations.

1. Are You Willing to Deal With Buyers’ Real Estate Agents?

No commission to selling agents means a smaller pool of potential purchasers.

2. How Comfortable Are You with Sales and Marketing?

You’ll need great photos, signage with your contact information, an online listing and/or property web page, and attractive, descriptive fliers.

3. Can You Stand Rude Comments About Your House?

Criticism can make you too emotional to negotiate properly.

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