20 Fun Learning Activities for Kids: Games for Kids To Play

Many free games for kids are available that can help children develop similar skills to those with paid activities. Best of all, they don't all require parents to taxi their children around town, racing to get them to the next event.

With all the money parents spend on activities, it's nice to know that there really are free games for fun and educational kids.

Isn’t it a parent’s dream to have their kids learning and having fun, all for free? The following is a list of free games for kids to help educate and entertain them while they're learning.

Free Games for Kids

1. Free Online Games Parents often try to limit their children's screen time. But in the allowable time they do have to play with devices, why not guide them to play free online games that are fun and educational as well?

If you have a younger child who is still relatively young, many free online games for toddlers and preschool children are available. Pbs kids games such as Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Curious George are great for showing them basic math skills, colors, letter recognition, sorting, and fine motor skills by moving the mouse in the proper direction.

2. Literacy or Reading Games Visit such free online game websites as Room Recess, and you will find fun reading games like Monkey in the Middle and Sight Word Safari that help kids improve their reading and word recognition.

3. Math Games If you have kids who aren't enthusiastic about learning and practicing math, you are not alone! Working through math sheets and repetitive questions can be boring, so it's no wonder children aren't motivated to practice.

Luckily there are plenty of free online math games for kids of all ages, even toddlers, to practice their math skills. There are tons of math game websites to choose from, and many allow users to filter by grade and math concepts such as multiplication, subtraction, addition, fractions, place values, geometry, and much more.