Four Essential Job Search Tools You Should Use Right Now


Technology has made the daunting task of searching for jobs much more convenient and within only a few clicks, job seekers can find their perfect job.


Thanks to modern technology, from the comfort of their own home, candidates now have the opportunity to optimize their searches and locate the ideal job.


Below is a list of four job search tools that job seekers and professionals can use for their job search.


LinkedIn is inarguably one of the most popular sites for job seekers. This service makes learning about the prospective job and the organization simple, allowing candidates to understand a company's work culture and work atmosphere.

Candidates can contact employees at companies they are interested in working for, join groups relating to their field, network with other alma mater alums, and more.


Teal's Job Tracker is a simple program with a Google Chrome extension that keeps track of your job hunt while you browse the web. 

It enables job seekers to maintain a pipeline of bookmarked opportunities from several job boards and retrieve their database from a single location.

Preparing a CV and a cover letter is the most important part of your job search. The format and typeface of the resume can deter hiring managers from considering the application. Teal's Job Tracker searches for the right keywords that set the job seeker’s CV apart from the rest.

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