Five Steps for a Super-Productive Home Office

With Covid on the rise (again), working from home has never been more common.


Companies across the country are embracing flexible work options to help avoid spreading the virus inside of offices.


But, too many people are working in unproductive environments at home, like the dinner table, couch, or even their bedrooms. It could be killing your performance.


How to Create an Ultra-Productive

Home Office

1. Like Real Estate, Location, Location, Location

The single best technique to building a productive office is to choose the right location. 

2. Invest in a Comfortable Chair

Instead of browsing Amazon for chairs, go to a local office supply store and sit in a few chairs to get a feel for what you find comfortable.

3. Make Your Workspace Feel Like an Office

How can you make your workspace feel more like an office? Your office chair and a proper workstation (a desk or table) are first.

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