Find a Job That Isn't Going to Feel Like a Compromise

Healthy careers don’t feel like a sacrifice. When we feel like we’re spending too much time at the office or putting our ethics on the back burner, we resent our jobs and work.


As a result, our work starts to suffer, which begins to affect our career longevity.


How can we balance building a career that earns a high salary, doing work we can be proud of, while not sacrificing our mental or physical health? It’s easier said than done.


A Career Without


1. The Ball is in Your Court

You may not control everything about your job, but you can control where you work and how you do your job.

2. Speak Up

If you don’t feel like you can talk to your boss, consider sitting down with Human Resources to discuss your issues. After all, that’s why HR is there. Use them when you need to.

3. Find What You Love

Find what you hate. Then, consider talking to a career coach about how to design a career that works best for you. Keep in mind this could involve changing careers.

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