How to Achieve Financial Freedom on Almost Any Income


No lottery. No inheritance. I did not sell a business for millions, either. I achieved financial freedom at 35 by using old-fashioned money principles that changed my life.

Financial freedom means that you live a fully-funded lifestyle that does not require a full-time job to support, though you may still choose to work a job you enjoy.

Financial freedom is also commonly known as financial independence, and it too implies that you are no longer beholden to a job to fund your lifestyle.

How to Achieve Financial Freedom on Any Income

Financial freedom is an equation. And, it’s an equation that works almost every time. 

The Deceptive High Income Problem

Incomes are deceptive because when we don’t use them properly, we create a false sense of security.

The Financial Freedom Equation

Step #1: Earn an Income

To achieve financial freedom, your income does not need to be big. Though, the more money we earn, the more we can invest.

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