11 Highest Paying Jobs With Zero Experience Needed-Story

It can be challenging to land a job with zero experience, even if you have a degree. Luckily, many high-paying jobs require no experience. Sometimes, you don't even need a college degree, or you can learn on the job through an apprenticeship while you get paid.

From a union electrician making $80,000 a year to a certified nurse midwife making $130,000, here are some of the highest paying jobs with no prior experience required.

11 Highest Paying Jobs With Zero Experience Needed

1. Virtual Assistant Virtual assistants take on projects for clients ranging from scheduling meetings and responding to emails to more skills-based tasks like managing social media accounts, virtual bookkeeping, and working on web design.

Virtual assistants without much experience can charge anywhere from $15 or $20 per hour. Virtual assistants with more experience can charge $50 an hour (or more!) with in-demand specializations like SEO writing, social media management, and web design or management.

2. Flight Attendant If you have dreams of traveling the world, why not make it your job, and an above-average paying one at that? Driven by great demand, flight attendants make an average of $56,650 plus lucrative travel benefits, such as free flights for the employee plus their family and friends.

By 2023, airlines are looking to hire 20,000 more people for these roles, equating to 100,000 total flight attendants. But if you're looking to make even more for this job, apply to Southwest, regularly awarded one of the best places to work in America.

3. Freelance Writer A quick search on Upwork shows that writers charge between $20 and $150 per hour, sometimes even more. If you are a creative person who likes variety and working from anywhere you want, then freelance writing might be just the perfect job for you.

Neither a degree nor expensive certificates are required. Sure, it helps to have good writing skills to start, but you can always improve them on the go. Additionally, many online tools are available to help you write better content. - Sylvia Silverstone

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