Eight Top-Rated Hawaii Vegan Restaurants

Here you will find new vegan dishes inspired by local cuisine as well as the standard animal-free fare you’re already familiar with.

The islands have access to fresh supplies of plant-based foods all year round, and some restaurants serve lip-smacking vegan dishes.

The following Hawaiian vegan restaurants will delight you during your stay in the magical islands.

Must-visit Vegan Restaurants in Hawaii

Veg-Out This restaurant sells vegan and vegetarian meals in Haiku, Maui, on the North Shore.

Maui Kombucha Maui Kombucha is another top-notch vegan restaurant located in Haiku, Maui. Here you will find raw vegan fusion cuisine and a kombucha brewery.

Peace Café Peace Café is a top-tier vegan restaurant with a diverse menu, including Korean, Italian, and Moroccan dishes.

Leahi Health Leahi Health is a plant-based food lover’s paradise famous for its Buddha bowls, kale avocado tacos, smoothies, and drinks.

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