6 Things to do Right Now if You Hate Your Job


For most of us, working isn’t much fun. And this is especially true when we hate our jobs.

When we dislike what we do, our work suffers. We are frustrated and angry all the time. And this relentless hatred can negatively affect our careers.

Being honest and proactive about how we feel is the key to escaping the hatred of what we do for a living. Hoping that things get better rarely works.

6 Things to Do if You Hate Your Job

1. Understand What You Hate About Your Job

The first step to fixing something you don’t like is to precisely understand what you hate.

2. Update Your Resume and Have it Ready

An updated resume means you can apply for another job at a moment’s notice.

3. Can You Fix the Problem Without Quitting?

Resist letting your hatred fester. Going to work expecting to hate your job is a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

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