How To Reclaim Your Weekends Without Sacrificing Work Performance

The elusive weekend off: something that more and more employees are kissing goodbye in favor of high job performance. The catch-22 of working through the weekend is that allowing your work hours to bleed into downtime can negatively affect performance, rendering that extra effort moot.

The better option is to maximize your productivity at the office and actively unwind on the weekend, safeguarding your health, sanity, and performance. Whether you are an employee working in a fast-paced corporate office or an entrepreneur carving out your own schedule, today's American workforce culture is to never stop moving.

A survey by Enterprise Rent-A-Car reported that 67% of a sample of Americans aged 25 and older worked on the weekends. Research shows that this never-offline mindset negatively affects our productivity and quality of work.


With a combination of time management tools at the office and clear boundaries away from the office, you can maximize your productivity while allowing yourself to indulge in some much-needed downtime.

Set Yourself up for Success During the Work Week

Identify Your Limits

There are only so many hours in a day. Reflecting on your upper limit regarding work capacity will do wonders as you carve out your schedule for the week.

While wandering through those deep caverns of your brain, why not do some analysis on times during the day when you are most productive? If you're a morning person, eat that frog! If you're more of an afternoon person, schedule your meetings first and your Deep Work time later.

Schedule Time for Emails

A day can quickly get eaten up by constantly checking and responding to emails. Do yourself a favor and carve out a specific time in your day to address your inbox and mute notifications during the rest of the day.

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