5 Simple, Effective Strategies to Ace Your Next Phone Interview


Love or loath them, the phone interview is an important part of the screening process during your job search or career change.

A telephone interview is a common way for a company to get a high-level feel for candidates who applied for an open position before inviting them in for an in-person interview.

It’s critically important to put your best foot forward during your phone interview. This is the first (and hopefully not the last!) time the company interacts with you. It’s your time to shine.

5 Techniques to Nail Your Phone Interview

Have Notes Available

Be familiar with your notes before the interview. Don’t rummage through papers during the call because that will make you look unprepared.

Stand Up During the Call

If you can’t stand, at least sit with proper posture. Yes, your interviewers can tell just by the sound and inflection of your voice if you’re slouching or seem bored.

Prevent Distractions and Background Noises

Find a quiet room in your home and make sure your family knows that you’re interviewing over the phone.

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