5 Reasons Why We’re Greater Off Without  The Side Hustle Culture

There is an overwhelming body of evidence to support the idea that this culture is taking a toll on our mental and physical health.


And yet we continue to glorify hustle culture. We uphold the concept of overworking ourselves, despite the harm it’s doing to us.


It’s time to stop perpetuating hustle culture and start promoting healthier work habits. The answer? Coasting culture.


Why Ditch The Side Hustle to Embrace


1. We’ll Stop Glorifying Overwork

How often have you heard a friend or colleague humble-brag that they were working until 11 p.m.? That’s not something to glorify or aspire to!

2. We’ll Value Work-Life Balance More

When we manage to embrace coast culture, we will grow to embrace work-life balance as well.

3. We’ll Respect Our Mental Health

Anxiety, depression, burnout and exhaustion are common results of overwork. It’s time to take charge of our mental health and respect ourselves.

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