5 Reasons Why We’re Better Off Without The Side Hustle Culture


There’s a belief in the US that trading more and more of our time for work and side hustles is a good thing – there’s a certain honor in it. However, is this true?


Hustle culture upholds the idea that hard work is not enough — we must tax ourselves to the point of exhaustion and burnout.

It’s time to stop perpetuating hustle culture and start promoting healthier work habits. The answer? Coasting culture.

Why Ditch The Side Hustle to Embrace Coasting?

Here’s why it’s time to embrace this model and ditch hustle culture for good.

1. We’ll Stop Glorifying Overwork

By upholding hustle culture as an ideal, we are suggesting that working the hours we’ve been hired to work is not good enough.

2. We’ll Value Work-Life Balance More

Work-life balance is critical, and factors like the pandemic have challenged the concept for so many of us.

3. We’ll Respect Our Mental Health

Anxiety, depression, burnout and exhaustion are common results of overwork. It’s time to take charge of our mental health and respect ourselves.

4. We’ll Get More Enjoyment Outside of Work

We need to start embracing other activities outside of work.

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