3 Myths Dispelled About Timeshares 

When trying to explain “What is a Timeshare?” to people who are unfamiliar, it can be helpful to mention what timeshares are not. 

Over the years, in my timeshare owners’ Facebook groups, I’ve seen posts from unhappy timeshare owners. Many of these people bought a timeshare for a specific travel hack.

Unfortunately, after their purchase, they learned that their plan is either not possible or very difficult. Their assumptions about timeshares often fall into one of three categories.

Here are 3 of the biggest myths about timeshares!

1. A Way to Travel to Every Destination in the World

If you have specific cities you want to travel to in the next ten years, take some time to make sure timesharing is a match for your bucket list.

One of the easiest ways to see timeshares worldwide is to look at the Resort Directories for the two largest timeshare exchange companies in the world.

2. Guaranteed Exchange Availability at the Most In-Demand Resorts

Access to an exchange program is an exciting part of owning a timeshare.

If you’re buying a timeshare to travel hack and get cheap reservations at specific resorts like Aulani, a Disney Vacation Club, or The Galleon Resort in Key West, you should reconsider your approach.