She’s Urging Young People to Put Less Effort Into Their Jobs, and New Workers Are Loving It

One TikTok user decided to share some controversial advice on how to start a new job, urging users not to put in too much effort at first. The reason? So that your employers don’t expect 100% from you all the time! It’s caused a stir on TikTok – some people totally agree, but others think that you should always give it your all no matter what. What do you think?

Surprising Career Advice From Expert

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In this video, Rosie is following a career advisor’s advice that tells people, “Don’t give 100% when starting a new job.

The adviser then says, “Instead, ramp up your efforts as you onboard over time.”

Relating to Thousands of New Workers

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This has resonated with thousands of viewers who agree that they work too much at the start of their job.

Trying Not to Set a Bad Precedent

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Rosie then chimes in with, “This person is 100% correct.” 

“Putting in excessive hours, saying yes to every request, and going above and beyond right off the bat… that becomes your new normal,” she warns. 

Her Recommended Approach

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“Sustaining that level of effort is incredibly challenging,” which is why this video has caused some controversy online. 

Rather than pushing for maximum output from day one, Rosie advises gradually increasing productivity over time. 

Protecting Our Ability to Work Hard

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She suggests aiming for a range of 80% to 95%, reserving the full 100% to 110% effort for times that really matter.

The Dangers of Burnout

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Rosie highlights the dangers of overworking, “If you’re firing on all cylinders all the time you’re just going to end up burnt out.”

She Struck a Chord

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The video strikes a chord with viewers, who show their agreement and share personal experiences.

“I always would go 110% at first to prove myself and then feel pressure to keep it up and not know how to turn it down,” one user reveals.

They Wish They Had Known This Earlier

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“True, I went with 100%, they asked for 150%, then 200% , now I’m on 14, 16 hours a day doing 2 managers workload” explains another viewer.

A third person admits, “I wish I had known this earlier.”

Causing a Stir Online

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Of course, not everyone agrees with this and have come up with their own valid arguments, “When you start a new job you are constantly under observation and this it’s the right time to demonstrate that you were the right person for that job.”

A New Outlook?

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This user gives some advice of their own, “Or just be yourself and chill out.”

Find Out More and Get Involved!

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If you agree with this advice and want to learn more useful tips about how to manage work/life balance, check out Rosie’s TikTok for more videos!

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