She Got Her Coworker Fired for Revealing Her OnlyFans Page

A woman caused a firestorm on Reddit when she revealed that she accidentally got a coworker fired for her OnlyFans account. There’s a ton of finger-pointing and grapevine gossip in this story, so buckle up!

They Are a Couple of Professionals

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OP is a 30-year-old woman who works as a financial advisor for a large, well-known company.

One of her coworkers was a woman in her mid-20s.

She Had Some Advice

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OP often eats lunch with several colleagues. During one meal, the mid-20s woman had some advice for her coworkers.

She Was in Control

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It seems that the woman had started an OnlyFans page and was starting to pick up subscribers.

She told OP and her other dining partners that it would be her ticket out of the corporate grind, putting the future in her hands.

She Should Try It Out

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At one point in the conversation, she turned to OP and told her that she should give it a shot, too.

It Wasn’t Her Cup of Tea

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OP had no interest in starting an OnlyFans page, though, which seemed to upset her coworker.

When the woman pressed for a reason, OP said she would never consider going into sex work for a career.

It Was Her Loss

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That sent the coworker into a frenzy, and she accused OP of thinking she was better than the her.

She also said that if OP wanted to work for peanuts rather than make enough money to support her kids, that was on her.

She Was Done With It

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OP was offended by that remark since she feels like she takes great care of her two children, but her coworker stormed off before she could respond.

She Overheard the Whole Thing

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At that point, another colleague came to OP and said she had overheard the heated discussion and wanted to know what it was all about.

OP told her what the women had been talking about, and the other woman went back to work.

She Was Just Stating Facts

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OP didn’t think much about it, and she didn’t give a second thought to telling her colleague about the OnlyFans page.

After all, the younger woman had said she wasn’t at all ashamed of what she was doing.

Where Had She Gone?

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About a week later, OP noticed that she hadn’t seen the coworker with the OnlyFans page for a while.

She Was in Charge

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Curious, OP went to the colleague who had overheard their conversation days before.

The woman was in a managerial role, so OP thought she might know what was up.

She Didn’t Try to Hide It

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The coworker told OP that, after she learned about the OnlyFans page, she decided to investigate the other woman’s social media.

She found that it was pretty easy to tie that OnlyFans page back to the company.

It Bit Her in the Butt

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The manager told OP she took the information she found to other members of leadership.

They called the woman in to ask her about the situation and ended up firing her.

She Feels Bad

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Now, many of OP’s other coworkers blame her for the other woman losing her job, and OP admits she feels guilty about it.

It Wasn’t Her Fault

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But she also doesn’t think she did anything wrong. It was the other woman who brought up her OnlyFans page in an open setting, after all, it was her who pressed the issue with OP.

Redditors are pretty divided on this situation.

A lot of them agree with OP and think that the OnlyFans woman brought all the troubles on herself. They say she should have been more discreet with her social media and should definitely not have been talking about it at work.

Others agree with that basic idea but think OP should have kept her mouth shut about their conversation.

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