She Fed Her Husband’s Kids Fast Food When He Tried to Trick Her Into Cooking

A stressed-out mom and wife raised all kinds of red flags on Reddit when she revealed that she ordered takeout for her husband’s kids. There’s trickery and payback twisted up in the full story that follows.

He Brought Along the Kids 

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OP is a 35-year-old woman who has been married to her 37-year-old husband for a few months. She has no children, but he has two kids from two previous relationships.

They’re Family Now 

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OP’s stepchildren are 7 and 10 years old, and neither of their mothers is involved in their upbringing at all.

Her husband has full custody and they live with him and OP full time.

Her Work Comes First 

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OP works from home, but the job is very demanding and requires long hours.

She has told her husband many times that when she’s working, she’s unavailable, but he doesn’t seem to get it.

But He Wants Her Attention 

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He’s constantly asking OP to stop what she’s doing and help him or the kids with something.

Or he wants her to cook a meal for the kids during her working hours.

He Needs to Step Up 

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Even though her husband keeps badgering her, OP refuses to stop working when she’s on the clock.

She’s told him over and over that she’s glad to help at other times, but that he’s responsible for his kids when she’s working.

He Just Won’t Stop 

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But her husband keeps pestering OP and says it’s no big deal if she stops working for a while.

It’s become a constant source of tension between them.

He Wanted Her to Make Dinner 

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It all came to a head recently when OP’s husband told her he was going to a friend’s engagement party.

He wanted her to take time off work to make dinner for the kids while he was gone.

She Gave Him Options 

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Once again, OP said that she could not take time out of her workday to make food for her husband’s kids.

She told him to either cook the meal himself or order takeout.

He Didn’t Like His Choices 

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OP’s husband pushed back, saying there was no time for him to cook.

And takeout was out of the question because he did not believe in feeding his kids fast food.

He Finally Gave In 

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But after arguing about it for a while longer, OP’s husband finally agreed that he would cook and then head out to the party.

He Left Them High and Dry

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Later on, while she was deep into her work, the kids came to OP and said they were hungry.

She asked if their dad had fed them, and they said no.

He Threw Her Under the Bus

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Instead, the kids said their dad told them to come ask OP to cook for them at that precise time.

She Made a Decision

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OP was beyond annoyed, but she wouldn’t let the kids go hungry.

So she ordered takeout, let them watch TV while they ate, and then sent them to bed.

He Felt Double-Crossed 

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When her husband came home later and found the takeout containers, OP’s husband was furious.

He laid into her for not cooking like he expected her to.

She Was Ruining the Kids

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And he was really upset that OP had fed his kids fast food when she knew how much he was opposed to that.

He Had Tricked Her 

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OP dished it right back and said that he had tried to trick her into cooking.

She had no choice but to order take out since she was right in the middle of work.

He Said Her Priorities Were Messed Up

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But OP’s husband turned that on her and said she cares more about her job than his kids.

He told her to get her priorities straight.

She Wants Him to Grow Up

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OP hates having drama in her house, but she thinks her husband is being childish.

And she’s really not sure if it’s wrong to care more about her career than her step kids.

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Redditors were pretty outraged by the husband’s behavior in this story.

They agree with OP that he is acting childishly, and many of them think she’s probably got bigger troubles ahead of her.

Almost unanimously, commenters think OP did the reasonable thing by ordering takeout so that the kids could eat while she continued to work.

They lay all of the the blame on the husband for not respecting OP’s clearly stated boundaries.

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