She Dislocated Her Own Mother’s Shoulder, but She’s Not Sorry

One teenage girl had a fight with her mum over a dirty glass, resulting in the mum dragging June around by her hair before June pushed back and dislocated her mum’s shoulder. Now, she has turned to the online community to see if she was in the wrong, as the shocking full story comes to light.

A Troubled Relationship

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A teenage woman named June finds herself in a love/hate relationship with her mother, Carol. 

One Mother’s Shocking Past

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Their struggle to get along was further fueled by the fact that Carol, who had a history of violence, was easily angered. 

Scarred Siblings

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The scars left by her go deep into June’s memory, and her younger sibling has also seen Carol’s outbursts. 

Cruelly Targeting the Older Sister

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It was June who often became the target of Carol’s anger – a crucial aspect of this story.

Explosive Reaction to a Dirty Glass

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The moment that shattered their brief peace occurred when June innocently left a dirty glass on the dinner table. 

Carol’s reaction was nothing short of explosive. 

Huge Overreaction Leads to Much More

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Carol stood up and shouted at June for her accidental mistake, with no intention of calming down.

Desperate Attempt to Retreat

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Determined to escape the shouting match, June turned her back on her mother and retreated to the kitchen.

Her retreat only ignited Carol’s rage as she continued to berate June. 

Disturbing Violent Act From Mother

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Her anger turned into physical violence in no time at all.

She forcefully shoved June to the ground, throwing her across the house, gripping her hair in her hands. 

Shocking Assault Leaves Girl in Dismay

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This nightmarish sequence of events left June traumatised, her very core shaken.

Defiant Self-Defense

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June summoned her strength, pushing Carol away in self-defense. 

Little did she know that this act would cause Carol to collide with a wall.

Worrying Revelation After Hospital Admission

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Once the dust had settled and Carol had been admitted to the hospital, June was informed that she had dislocated her own mother’s shoulder.

A Cunning Plan to Save Her Skin?

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It was then that Carol unveiled a shocking plan, coming up with a fake story to tell the doctor.

Lying to the Doctor

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Carol told the doctor that she had fallen down the stairs in order to save her daughter from getting into trouble.

Confusion Settles In

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This left June confused, as she wanted the doctor to know about her mother’s abusive behavior.

A Father’s Disappointing Response

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June confided in her trusted father for advice, but her father’s response was far from supportive. 

He lashed out at June and said it was her fault for using violence against her mother.

Should She Take Responsiblity?

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He insisted that June should be responsible for her actions.

June also told her closest friends that she doesn’t feel responsible or guilty for what happened.

Turning to the Online Community for Support

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With nowhere left to turn, June has resorted to Reddit for advice, should she feel guilty?

Reddit certainly didn’t hold back.’

Her Mother Is Abusive

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Some users feel that she should have her mother charged with acts of violence, “Tell your father that the alternative to you defending yourself is you charging your mother with child abuse and physical assault, and ask him which outcome he prefers.”

Gaslighting Accusations From Reddit Users

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They also felt that the mother was being selfish, “your mother isn’t covering up for YOU, she’s covering up for herself. he’s just gaslighting you by telling you it’s a favour she’s doing for you.”

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