America’s No.1 Rudest State, According to Americans

Ever visited a state where the locals were less than welcoming? Whether it’s the aggressive drivers or the cold shoulder, here are the top 20 rudest states in America. Ready to see if your state made the cut?

19. Wisconsin

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Known for its cold demeanor and unwelcoming attitude, Wisconsin residents can be quite standoffish. The state’s harsh winters might explain the frosty reception you get from its people.

18. Indiana

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Indiana’s reputation for rudeness comes from its unfriendly locals who seem perpetually annoyed by outsiders. Don’t expect a warm welcome in the Hoosier State.

17. Ohio

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Ohioans are known for their curt interactions and general impatience, particularly in cities like Cleveland and Cincinnati. If you’re not from here, don’t expect anyone to roll out the red carpet.

16. Delaware

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Delaware might be small, but its residents pack a punch in terms of rudeness. The state is notorious for its impatient drivers and brusque customer service.

15. North Dakota

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Despite its low population, North Dakota ranks high on the rudeness scale due to its residents’ unfriendly attitudes and reluctance to welcome newcomers.

14. Arkansas

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Arkansas is infamous for its unfriendly mindset and lack of hospitality. The state’s poor customer service and surly attitudes are enough to drive anyone away.

13. Michigan

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Detroit’s notoriously tough demeanor spills over into the rest of Michigan, where people are often perceived as rude and unapproachable.

12. Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia and Pittsburgh residents are known for their brusque manner and sharp tongues. If you’re sensitive, Pennsylvania might not be the state for you.

11. Florida

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Floridians’ rudeness often comes from a combination of aggressive driving and impatience with the state’s constant influx of tourists. The heat might also have something to do with it. 

10. Idaho

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Idaho residents have a reputation for being closed off and unfriendly to outsiders. The state’s isolated culture might contribute to its unwelcoming vibe.

9. Rhode Island

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Rhode Islanders are known for their directness and lack of patience, especially in Providence. The small state’s big attitude can be off-putting.

8. Nevada

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Beyond the glitz of Las Vegas, Nevada’s locals are often seen as rude and indifferent, particularly towards tourists. The transient nature of the population doesn’t foster friendliness.

7. Montana

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Montana’s wide-open spaces come with a side of frosty receptions from its residents. The state’s rugged individualism often translates to unwelcoming attitudes.

6. Utah

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Utah’s residents can come across as hypocritical and judgmental, particularly towards those who don’t fit into the predominant cultural mold.

5. New Jersey

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New Jersey’s aggressive driving and blunt mannerisms make it infamous for rudeness. The state’s reputation for unfriendliness is well-earned.

4. Massachusetts

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Bostonians are known for their abrasive manner and love of argument. The state’s cold winters match the chilly reception you might get from its residents.

3. Texas

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Despite their claim to Southern hospitality, Texans are often perceived as arrogant and dismissive of non-Texans. The “everything’s bigger in Texas” attitude includes their rudeness.

2. California

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Californians, particularly in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, are often seen as self-absorbed and dismissive. The high cost of living and traffic probably don’t help their patience.

1. New York

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New Yorkers take the top spot for their rudeness, impatience, and bluntness. The fast-paced lifestyle and high stress levels make for some very unwelcoming interactions. Whether you’re in Manhattan or the outer boroughs, expect to be met with a tough, no-nonsense attitude that defines the Big Apple.

State of Rudeness

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Thanakorn.P

These states are notorious for their rude residents and inhospitable cultures. Whether it’s the cold stares or the aggressive driving, these places are where politeness goes to die. Which state tops your list of rudest?

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