SHOCKING: Discover the Top 10 Reasons Why Families Are Being Torn Apart

Families fall out all the time, sometimes over the smallest of things. Mostly, people make up, after all, blood is thicker than water, right?

Well not always, sometimes what’s happened in the past has left such a negative impact, history and people are blurred away and forgotten about.

The subject came up in a recent Reddit thread when u/Electrical_Ant6630 asked fellow Redditors, “Why don’t you talk to ‘that’ family member anymore?”

Understandably, the thread was marked as Not Say For Work so you have been warned. Here are the top 10 responses.

#1. They Didn’t Allow Me To Show Emotion- 24.7K Votes

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ThisIsNotTex contribution was the top voted response. They said, “When at my sister’s funeral they told me I had no reason to cry because I wasn’t really family because I was adopted. I was adopted within my own family.

We were still biologically related.” GlyphCreep replied in support to say, “…even if you werent bio related, why would you be criticised for crying? I have a different dad from my sister, when he died, my sister had to leave work she was so upset, she sobbed and sobbed. My dad was like an uncle to her, but in no way were they related.”

#2. They Gave Away My Home Address – 14.4K Votes

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Texandria said that, “When the ex-husband got released from jail for spousal abuse and restraining order violations, she gave him my new home address.”  They went on to add, “This has gotten far more response than expected. If it hits home to you, there’s a great sub at r/EstrangedAdultKids.”

#3. They Stole Our Grandpa’s Identity – 10K Votes

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Chompytown offered that their relative, “Stole our grandpa’s identity (his dad) and ruined him financially. Then when his brother died, tried stealing money from his sister (my mom) and conning his way into things that didn’t belong to him.”

Ravore replied, “Not talking to him is all you’re doing? That’s pretty light compared to what he deserves.”

#4. Tried To Steal From My Dead Grandmother – 9.1K Votes

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Bigtex2003 said that their family member, “tried to steal my grandmother’s money after she died.”

Lord-Legatus offered that, “My brother (a toxic dangerous narcissist) robbed my mom into poverty, she sacrificed literally every penny and went even in debt to cover for his lifestyle.”

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He went on to say, “Every time I bailed her out I knew I was funding her toxic relationship with him. When she was finally dying of cancer, (and having a million other issues and struggles)… my brother (was) f****** nowhere to be seen.

#5. They Didn’t Respect Bounderies – 7.1K Votes

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NotTheNacho said that the person, “They expect me to respect their boundaries but don’t respect mine.”

Pharsydezz replied in support to say, “Bondaries are the most important thing to stay healthy mentally with people close to you. Stay strong. I made the mistake to ignore them and it almost ruined my life.”

#6. He Threatened My Husband With A Gun – 5.8K Votes

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Huckleberrycaek contributed, “Her husband pointed a loaded gun at my husband’s head. My husband didn’t need parents anyway.”

In reply, Not_very_random asked, “What happened to get to that point?” Huckleberrycaek paraphased the conversation before, “‘Son, your stepdad is threatening to kill himself. Please go to our house and stop him.’”

#7. They Believe Him Not Me – 5.7K Votes

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CeramicSavage said that, “They chose a rapist over me and now that all his crimes have come to light, they’re so sorry. No thanks.”

Yixyxy sarcastically asked, “Was it a ‘Nooo, not our smart boy / good father / cool aunt, how dare you!’ thing?”

#8. They Stole Mom’s ID. – 4.6K Votes

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TheOnlyMilky said that, “Abusive alcoholic/ forged documents using my moms identification.” Mblaze111 gave a similar contribution in saying, “Because that family member stole my money and blamed it on me. lol.”

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#9. They Stole At Our Father’s Wake – 4.4K Votes

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Fencius said that the person is, “My sister. She’s been a sporadically recovering drug addict for like 15 years. The last straw was when she stole our checkbook out of my wife’s purse. At our father’s wake.”

#10. They Attempted To Burn Down My House – 4.2K Votes

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The final Redditor to appear on our list is SpudGun312 who said, “My wife’s mum. Among other things she attempted to burn down my house. Whilst her daughter and grandson were inside. She’s a piece of s***t who’s going to die bitter and alone and that’s just fine by all of her kids.”

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