21 Wacky Traditions Only True Ohio Buckeyes Get

Ohio: a place where quirks and charms blend seamlessly into the daily life of those who call it home. From unique culinary choices to peculiar ways of speaking, Ohioans have habits that might just leave outsiders scratching their heads. Here’s a dive into the Buckeye State’s most beloved oddities.

1. Calling Every Soda “Pop”

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In Ohio, it’s not soda, cola, or soft drink — it’s “pop.” And that’s non-negotiable.

2. Obsessive Weather Talk

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Ohioans are known to discuss the weather as if it’s a competitive sport, thanks to its unpredictability.

3. The Great Debate: Skyline vs. Gold Star

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Chili in Ohio isn’t just a meal; it’s a divisive topic. Are you Team Skyline or Team Gold Star?

4. Buckeye Everything

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From candy to clothing, if it can be shaped like a buckeye or named after one, Ohioans are on it.

5. Sweetcorn Celebrations

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Come summer, it’s not just about eating sweet corn; it’s about festivals dedicated to it.

6. O-H! I-O!

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The call and response that unites the state. It’s not just for game day; it’s for any day.

7. Devotion to High School Football

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In Ohio, Friday nights are for football. High school games are practically holidays.

8. Saying “The” Before Highway Numbers

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It’s not just I-75, it’s “The 75,” making every interstate sound infinitely more important.

9. The Three-Way Meal

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Not what it sounds like outside Ohio. It’s spaghetti, chili, and cheese — and it’s dinner.

10. “Please?”

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If an Ohioan didn’t hear you, they’ll say “Please?” instead of “What?” or “Excuse me?”

11. The Love of Drive-Thrus

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Ohio loves a good drive-thru, not just for food, but for coffee, banking, and even convenience stores.

12. Rocking Out to the Black Keys or Twenty One Pilots

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Pride in Ohio’s music scene runs deep, especially for these hometown heroes.

13. Wearing Shorts in 50-Degree Weather

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After a long winter, 50 degrees is practically tropical for Ohioans.

14. Constant Construction Complaints

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Construction season is the unofficial fifth season in Ohio, much to the dismay of its residents.

15. The Haunted Ohio Obsession

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From ghost tours to haunted houses, Ohioans love a good scare.

16. Tomato Juice With Breakfast

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A strange but cherished tradition, especially in diners across the state.

17. Amish Country Excursions

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A weekend trip to Amish Country is a treat for many Ohioans, with promises of cheese, furniture, and peaceful scenery.

18. Cedar Point Bragging Rights

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Home to some of the world’s best roller coasters, Ohioans love to brag about Cedar Point.

19. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Treats

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Inspired by the Buckeye candy, this combo is a state-wide obsession.

20. The Politeness Dance at Four-Way Stops

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An endless loop of “You go.” “No, you go.” Ohioans are too polite at intersections.

21. Tailgating Is a Fine Art

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Whether it’s for a football game or a concert, Ohioans take tailgating to the next level.

Gain an Understanding

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Weldon Schlonege

In Ohio, these habits aren’t just oddities; they’re a way of life. From celebrating the seemingly mundane to fierce loyalty to local traditions, it’s clear Ohioans cherish their unique way of living. So, if you find yourself in the Buckeye State, join in the fun and maybe, just maybe, you’ll leave understanding why Ohio is truly a state like no other.

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