The Millennial Purge: 21 American Traditions Being Obliterated

Ever notice how some of those good ol’ American traditions seem to be quietly slipping away? Whether you’re a Millennial cruising through life or a Boomer reminiscing about the “good old days,” join me on a journey through the customs that are slowly becoming relics of the past.¬†

1. The 9-to-5 Workday

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Who thought rigid office hours were a good idea? Millennials certainly don’t. They favor flexibility and work-life balance over being chained to a desk at set times.

2. Cable Television

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Why pay for 500 channels when you only watch two? Streaming services have led Millennials to cut the cable cord, favoring Netflix binges over channel surfing.

3. Door-to-Door Sales

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Once a staple of American entrepreneurship, door-to-door sales have lost their charm. Millennials prefer digital interactions, making cold-knocking a near-extinct practice.

4. Buying DVDs

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The era of streaming has rendered DVD collections obsolete. Millennials view DVDs as a quaint reminder of the past, not a practical media storage solution.

5. Encyclopedias

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Once a proud bookshelf staple, encyclopedias have been replaced by the all-knowing Google. Millennials are unlikely to purchase volumes that age faster than their smartphones.

6. Manual Transmissions

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While knowing how to drive stick might impress your grandfather, automatic transmissions are the norm now. Millennials prefer the convenience of not having to shift gears manually.

7. Print News

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The tactile pleasure of flipping through a newspaper has given way to scrolling on devices. Millennials often opt for digital news, leaving print newspapers to dwindle.

8. Ironing Clothes

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Ironing is too time-consuming for the fast-paced Millennial lifestyle. They prefer clothing materials that are low maintenance and wrinkle-free.

9. Mail-In Rebates

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The process of mailing in a rebate for a few dollars off seems outdated in an instant-gratification world. Millennials would rather have discounts applied automatically at checkout.

10. Greeting Cards

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Digital messages have largely replaced greeting cards in Millennial communication. Sending an e-card or a text is quicker and more environmentally friendly.

11. Landline Phones

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Landlines are considered relics as mobile phones dominate personal communication. Millennials find landlines unnecessary and limiting.

12. Black Friday

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The chaos of Black Friday shopping is less appealing to Millennials who prefer the less confrontational Cyber Monday deals that are accessible via their smartphones.

13. Saving Pennies

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Collecting pennies is more hassle than it’s worth for many Millennials. They prefer digital banking tools that automatically save and invest spare change.

14. Memorizing Phone Numbers

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In the digital age, phone numbers are saved to devices, not memorized. Millennials rely on technology for these details, freeing their minds for other information.

15. Going to the Bank

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Visiting a bank in person is an anomaly for Millennials, who use online banking for almost all financial transactions.

16. Writing Checks

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The ritual of writing checks is fading fast, as digital payments become the norm. Millennials are more likely to use apps like Venmo or Zelle.

17. Yellow Pages

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Once essential for finding business contacts, Yellow Pages have been usurped by online search engines. Millennials might not even recognize a Yellow Pages directory.

18. Retirement Plans

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Traditional retirement seems increasingly unattainable to many Millennials, who may joke about working forever due to economic uncertainties.

19. Dinner Parties

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The formal dinner party is being replaced by casual meet-ups or potlucks among Millennials. They prefer gatherings that require less preparation and expense.

20. Owning a Home

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Homeownership is becoming more elusive for Millennials, who face skyrocketing real estate prices and stagnant wages.

21. Golf

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Golf is often stereotyped as the sport of the elite and older generations. Millennials are more drawn to fitness activities that require less time and equipment.

Bid Farewell

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As traditions evolve or fade, Millennials and Boomers can find common ground in adapting to new norms. Perhaps it’s time for both generations to explore what each can learn from the other, blending the best of the old with the innovations of the new.

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