The Forgotten States: America’s 20 Least Visited States

Welcome to the shadow realm of American tourism, where states languish in obscurity, their attractions as overlooked as your high school’s chess club president. Let’s embark on a saunter through the 20 states that tourists avoid like a group chat after 10 p.m. on a Friday. Brace yourself, as we uncover why these states are the wallflowers of the U.S. tourism dance.

20. Connecticut

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Ah, Connecticut: the land of… well, we’re still trying to figure that out. It’s as if someone took the concept of excitement, put it in a nice suburban home, and then forgot about it.

19. Kansas

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Kansas: where the state slogan might as well be “At least we’re not in Oz anymore.” If your idea of a good time is watching wheat grow and searching the horizon for something, anything, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

18. Idaho

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Idaho, a state that’s more than just a vast potato conspiracy. It’s the perfect destination for those who thought “Into the Wild” was a how-to guide, not a cautionary tale.

17. Alabama

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Alabama: rich in history, humidity, and college football. If you’ve ever wanted to sweat through your clothes while debating the outcomes of historic civil rights movements, welcome home.

16. Arkansas

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Arkansas: It’s not the pronunciation that’s confusing; it’s why anyone would choose to vacation here when literally any other state exists.

15. Iowa

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Ah, Iowa, where excitement goes to die and corn reigns supreme. It’s the place to be if your bucket list includes witnessing the life cycle of corn… and not much else.

14. West Virginia

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West Virginia: come for the mountains, stay because you’ve accidentally wandered into a coal mine and can’t find your way back out.

13. Nebraska

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Nebraska: Where “flat” is considered a topographical feature and not just a description of the soda you opened last week and forgot about.

12. North Dakota

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North Dakota, a state so cold and lonely, even the snowmen have packed up and moved south for a better social life.

11. Mississippi

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Mississippi: If you enjoy the sensation of being wrapped in a warm, wet blanket while exploring America’s complicated racial history, this is the spot for you.

10. Delaware

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Delaware: So forgettable, even residents occasionally wake up wondering if they’ve somehow wandered into a liminal space between better-known states.

9. South Dakota

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South Dakota: It’s got Mount Rushmore, and… well, that’s about it. It’s the state equivalent of a one-hit-wonder from the ’80s.

8. Rhode Island

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Rhode Island: The state so small, you can tour its main attractions in the time it takes to finish a decent sandwich. It’s quaint, like your grandmother’s living room, but less exciting.

7. Montana

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Montana: Where the “big sky” is really just compensation for the lack of anything else to look at. It’s the perfect state to visit if you’ve ever wanted to be outnumbered by cattle.

6. Oklahoma

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Oklahoma: Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain… and straight into your face, along with a healthy dose of existential despair.

5. Wyoming

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Wyoming: Home to more antelope than people and a sense of isolation that makes even the most introverted hermit say, “Maybe this is a bit much.”

4. Vermont

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Vermont: The land of maple syrup and… more maple syrup. It’s like someone took the concept of fall and stretched it out for an entire state’s personality.

3. New Hampshire

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New Hampshire: Its motto, “Live Free or Die,” is also the internal monologue you’ll have while stuck in traffic behind leaf peepers.

2. Maine

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Maine: Known for lobsters, lighthouses, and a pervasive sense of “Why am I here again?” It’s the last stop before Canada and feels like it.

1. Alaska

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Alaska: Because nothing says “adventure” like freezing temperatures, months of darkness, and casual encounters with bears. It’s the ultimate destination for those who thought, “I really liked ‘The Shining’ and wish I could live it.”

An Edgy Epilogue

view of alaska's mount denali reflected in calm wonder lake, with sunset light
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These states, for all their quirks and quiet, are like the indie films of the U.S. tourism industry: not for everyone, but those who get it, really get it. Or maybe they’re just lost. Either way, here’s to exploring the road less traveled, preferably with a sense of humor and a reliable GPS.

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