American Nightmare: 20 Cities You Don’t Want to Call Home

When it comes to living the American dream, location is everything. Here’s a rundown of places you might want to skip unless you’re researching a thesis on urban decay or filming a sequel to Mad Max.

1. Camden, New Jersey

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If you’ve ever wanted to live in a place where the local motto might as well be “Abandon hope all ye who enter here,” Camden’s your spot. Urban blight and crime statistics that compete with Gotham City make it a standout.

2. Stockton, California

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Where the bankruptcy banner flies high and proud! If you enjoy the thrill of economic roulette and don’t mind dodging a foreclosure sign or two, Stockton could be your next adventure.

3. Gary, Indiana

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Gary offers lakeside views with a generous side of industrial wasteland chic. It’s the perfect backdrop for contemplating where all the jobs went and why the air tastes funny.

4. San Bernardino, California

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San Bernardino, a city where the local economy took a nosedive and never resurfaced. If your idea of nightlife includes ghost town vibes and dodging tumbleweeds, look no further.

5. Detroit, Michigan

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Come for the crumbling infrastructure, stay because your car got stolen. Detroit is making a comeback but let’s be honest, it’s still the poster child for urban decay.

6. Atlantic City, New Jersey

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This town puts the “bust” in casino bust. Atlantic City—where the most successful gamble is leaving before you run out of luck, or money.

7. Cleveland, Ohio

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If you like your skies as gray as your outlook, Cleveland’s the place. The river that once caught fire now only burns the eyes of its beholders.

8. Fall River, Massachusetts

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With one of the highest unemployment rates in the state, Fall River is the unofficial capital of broken dreams. Perfect for those who thought they’d hit rock bottom but still have a shovel.

9. Youngstown, Ohio

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Youngstown, where the American Dream went to quietly die. The perfect spot for lovers of nostalgic ruins and economic despair.

10. Flint, Michigan

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Flint: Come for the charming lead-infused water, stay because you’ve contracted dysentery. A real pioneer experience!

11. Birmingham, Alabama

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Birmingham might have a rich history, but it’s the current chapters that might scare you away—featuring high crime, high poverty, and high disappointment.

12. New Orleans, Louisiana

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Enjoy the vibrant culture and stay for the potential floods! New Orleans—where your life expectancy might depend on the weather forecast.

13. St. Louis, Missouri

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St. Louis: Famous for the Arch, infamous for making you question every life choice that brought you here. If you enjoy playing real-life episodes of crime drama, it’s a must-visit.

14. Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Perfect for those who fantasize about living in a Breaking Bad episode. Meth labs not included, but widely available.

15. Fresno, California

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Come to Fresno for the agricultural beauty, stay because you can’t breathe the air. The allergy capital where you can literally taste the seasons.

16. Reno, Nevada

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Reno, the world’s biggest little mistake you might make. It’s like Vegas’ less successful sibling who still lives with their parents.

17. Pueblo, Colorado

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If you love the scent of marijuana in the morning but hate the idea of employment, Pueblo is waiting for you with open, slightly twitchy arms.

18. Modesto, California

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Modesto: Where hope is a crop that never comes in, and the most popular local hobby is figuring out how to leave.

19. Charleston, West Virginia

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Charleston—where the peak of entertainment is watching coal roll by on the river and wondering what fresh air used to taste like.

20. Macon, Georgia

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If you’re looking to live in a real-life country song where everything goes wrong, Macon will have you crying in your beer in no time.

Choose Wisely

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