21 Quirky New York Phrases You Must Learn To Fit In

New York City: a place so unique, it has its own language. If you’re not from the Big Apple, some things New Yorkers say might leave you scratching your head. Here’s a list of phrases that are quintessentially New York. Get ready to talk like a local!

1. “I’m Walking Here!”

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This phrase is more than just words; it’s a declaration of a pedestrian’s right to the sidewalk. It epitomizes the busy, fast-paced New York lifestyle.

2. “Bodega”

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Not just any corner store, a bodega is a New York institution, selling everything from coffee to cat food, often with a beloved cat roaming the aisles.

3. “The City”

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To New Yorkers, “The City” always means Manhattan, regardless of the fact that NYC is made up of five boroughs.

4. “Stand in Line”

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Forget about standing ‘in’ line. In New York, you stand ‘on’ line, whether you’re waiting for a bagel or a Broadway show.

5. “Schmear”

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Want cream cheese on your bagel? In New York, you ask for a “schmear.” It’s the perfect amount of cream cheese spread.

6. “Pie”

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Ordering a ‘pie’ in New York usually means a whole pizza, not a dessert.

7. “Forget About It”

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It’s either used to say something is unbelievable or to indicate that the topic is not worth discussing further. It’s all about the tone.

8. “The LIRR”

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This stands for the Long Island Rail Road, a major commuter train network serving Long Island and parts of Queens and Brooklyn.

9. “Regular Coffee”

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In New York, a “regular coffee” is with cream and two sugars. No need to specify unless you want something different.

10. “Bridge and Tunnel”

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This term is used somewhat pejoratively to describe people who commute to Manhattan from surrounding areas, not using the subway.

11. “Fuhgeddaboudit”

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A more New Yorker way to say “forget about it,” emphasizing a very strong opinion or the impossibility of a situation.

12. “Slice”

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When New Yorkers say they’re getting a “slice,” they mean a slice of pizza. It’s a staple of New York diets.

13. “Uptown” and “Downtown”

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These terms are used to describe direction within Manhattan. “Uptown” is north, and “Downtown” is south. Very important for navigating the subway!

14. “MetroCard”

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The key to public transportation in NYC. It’s used to pay for rides on buses and subways.

15. “The Subway”

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In many cities, it’s called the metro, underground, or tube. In New York, it’s always “the subway.”

16. “Gravy”

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In some New York Italian households, “gravy” refers to tomato sauce, especially when it’s meat-based.

17. “NoHo” and “SoHo”

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Short for “North of Houston Street” and “South of Houston Street,” these are trendy neighborhoods in Manhattan known for their art galleries and shops.

18. “Boroughs”

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New York City is made up of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Each has its own unique character.

19. “Deadass”

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This term is used for emphasis, equivalent to “seriously” or “for real.”

20. “The Village”

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Refers to Greenwich Village, a neighborhood known for its bohemian lifestyle, arts scene, and vibrant nightlife.

21. “The Train”

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When a New Yorker says they’re taking “the train,” they mean the subway, not an above-ground train.

Learn the Lingo

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Whether you’re visiting for a slice or staying for a schmear, knowing these phrases will help you navigate New York City like a local. So, next time you’re standing on line for a bagel, you’ll fit right in. Welcome to New York!

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